How “Data Democratic” is your Business?

How “Data Democratic” is your Business?

Can all your stakeholders access the data they need to do the best job possible?


A famous global retail leader provides access to key performance data and metrics to its entire full- and part-time staff, numbering over 70,000, as well as to all its suppliers. A shop worker in Dublin can compare and contrast performance in her store with stores worldwide, and get ideas on how best to improve sales and customer care. One of the world’s most successful retailers has made the strategic decision to trust and empower all its workers and suppliers and be truly Data Democratic”.

Should your business do something similar? Could you do it, if you wanted to?

Capventis has been at the forefront of helping companies to understand and utilize their data since 1998. We’ve engaged with over 150 companies in the UK and Ireland, all the time discovering the true value of providing the right data to the right people at the right time.

We are now undertaking this survey to understand the drivers, enablers and inhibitors of Data Democracy.

Please click here to start the survey, it will only take three to four minute to complete and be in with a chance to win a €250 voucher for Ireland’s Blue Book,  we look forward to launching the report over the coming months.




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