The Tyranny of the Blog & Customer Experience

The Tyranny of the Blog & Customer Experience

The more observant among you will notice that this is my 3rd blog for Capventis.  I was once told many years ago that you should do a job willingly and badly and you won’t be asked to do it again.  I have been asked to write another blog so I have found another aspect of my life where I have failed to achieve what I set out to do.

When I started my career, it seemed to be enough to simply turn up for work.   If you arrived on time, were reasonably presentable, and you got a set of tasks done in the required time frame then everybody was happy, but now in this insane digitally enabled hyper connected world that is simply not good enough.  I now not only need to be good at turning up in the office before 4:30 am in the morning but I also need to be….

  • Completely on top of all my various projects
  • In tune with the needs of my co-workers
  • Mentoring junior staff
  • Providing brilliant advice to my clients
  • Liaise on operational issues
  • Know about the latest technology development
  • On top of industry trends
  • Contribute to corporate strategy
  • Raise my personal and company on-line profile
  • Sell our business
  • Speak eloquently at events
  • Engage with our business partner
  • Play Golf


and that is just my professional life… Personally and it is not just me … we are all under pressure to

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more
  • Cook creative food
  • Love and communicate with our partners
  • Fully engage with our kids… attend their matches, plays, pre-school graduations (very important)
  • Look after our parents
  • Live in a Nordic / Scandinavian Fen Shui Uber cool living space
  • Get out more
  • Be well read
  • Live ecologically
  • Travel the world
  • Take up a foreign language
  • Do work in the community
  • Pursue our life passions (I’m told mine are sailing & windsurfing)
  • Take time out to be still and quiet our minds


Taking all this into consideration I don’t really have time to write blogs, but here I am.

If you look around at modern organisations they are all about the brand and what it stands for.  If you go on to certain websites there is lots of fluffy language, but sometimes it is quite hard to tell what the organisation is selling or doing.   I will be honest here I’m not really interested or emotionally invested in corporate brands if your organisation uses some of your profits to save cuddly seals or sustain some rare snail in a tropical rain forest, I think that it is great but really… I don’t care.   If I take a service from your company it just simply needs to work and if on the very rare occasion it does not work for whatever reason then it needs to be really simple to get the problem sorted.  In our business, we call this “Brilliant Basics”. If you can do that then you will have a lifelong customer and maybe even an advocate for life, because if you think about it where am I going to get the time to switch to another provider.


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