My 2018 Resolution is to set some goals!

My 2018 Resolution is to set some goals!


Listening to the radio at the weekend I was mildly amused by commentators talking about New Year’s Resolutions. One lady spoke of her desire to “listen a bit more before talking”, another mentioned taking “more exercise”, and one spoke of reducing his social media usage, but admitted it would only last a day or two at most.

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve always taken some time out at the turn of the year to define some concrete goals for myself across many aspects of life, spanning health, career, finance, family and pastimes. As a professed lover of the sense of achievement from crossing something off a list, I do take great satisfaction, over the year, from actually hitting some of the milestones and goals set out.  Many goals remain un-achieved and are carried forward into the next year, some are perennially under-achieved, but serve as a constant reminder to modify behaviours somewhat.

Without goals, there is no sense of achievement. Attempting to achieve a goal, even without success, can modify behaviour and deliver some good.

Exactly the same applies at a business level. Setting vague, unachievable “resolutions” for a company serves little purpose. In today’s world, with so much data readily available via best of breed solutions, it should be possible to define, at a very granular level, the KPIs and milestones that will deliver the desired outcomes.  The task of monitoring leading indicators of performance, and reporting on outcomes, can now be delegated to those best equipped to influence and deliver outcomes.

At Capventis, we specialise in helping companies to consolidate their Operational and eXperience Data ( O and X Data) and deliver digital solutions to bring about real Business Improvement.

So talk to us about putting some real goals into your New Year’s Resolution!

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