Join Capventis for Whiskey and Data: Chasing Time Seminar

Join Capventis for Whiskey and Data: Chasing Time Seminar


Time invested in preparing and blending whiskey improves the resulting spirit.

Days and hours preparing and blending your data often doesn’t improve the outcome, leaving less time for analysis and real insight. 

Spend 3 hours with Capventis and Alteryx in Teelings Whiskey Distillery and you’ll see: 

  • How using Alteryx can accelerate the preparing and blending of data from multiple sources, in repeatable and scheduled workflows 
  • How to develop predictive capabilities and model your future business
  • How AON has streamlined ETL activities and delivered Self Service Analytics
  • The texture, nuance and taste differences between single grain and single malt whiskey

Event Details: 

Date:      Wednesday,  14th March 2018 

Time:      4:00pm to 7:00pm 

Venue:   Teeling Distillery, 13-17 Newmarket, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8.   

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Event Agenda: 

4:00 PM Registration
4:15 PM Welcome | John O’Shea, Commercial Director, Capventis

4:25 PM


Overview of Alteryx Self-Service Data Analytics Tool | Wade Taylor, Senior Consultant, Capventis

Key benefits from using Alteryx: Data processing, analytics, ETL, GIS/geospatial analysis and predictive analytics

4:45 PM How Alteryx Empowers Agile Analytics at Aon | Giuseppe Tortorici, BI and Visualisation Manager, AON
5:10 PM

Whiskey & Data: Chasing Time | Dr Nick Jewell, Director of Product Strategy, Alteryx

Dr Nick Jewell will demonstrate Advanced Analytics and as an example, use Alteryx’s Predictive Clustering capabilities to recommend whiskeys based on profiling

5:50 PM Q&A and Closing Remarks | John O’Shea, Capventis
6:00 PM Private Whiskey Tour followed by Teeling Whiskey Tasting

Speakers Biography

Dr Nick Jewell, Director of Product Strategy, Alteryx
Nick Jewell is Director of Product Strategy for Alteryx EMEA. Starting his career with a Ph.D. in Chemoinformatics helped develop a life-long passion for applied analytics. As a long-serving analyst, architect and innovation leader for Analytics & BI at a large international bank, Nick helped define and implement large-scale big data, analytics and informatics solutions at the petabyte scale for global audiences. Nick has a passion for open data, connectivity and emerging technologies in the data and analytics space and is a strong supporter of agile-led and user-centric design.

Giuseppe Tortorici, BI and Visualisation Manager, AON
Giuseppe has been an Alteryx user since 2015 and a Tableau user since 2014. Giuseppe began at the Aon Centre of  Innovation and Analytics (ACIA) as a Senior Data Analyst. His passion for Alteryx developed when he was asked to investigate the possibility of using Alteryx to replicate complex SQL queries. The success of the project led to a new journey in the data analytics arena, and Giuseppe became so passionate about Alteryx that he started to lead the Alteryx user group in Dublin and to showcase the ACIA use cases with the AON’s colleagues worldwide. Ultimately, Giuseppe became the BI and Visualisation lead in the centre. Giuseppe’s team is currently driving both the Alteryx and Tableau communities of practice in AON and act as evangelists to spread the tool’s adoption across the broader company


Wade Taylor. Senior Consultant, Capventis
Wade has lived, worked, studied and travelled in about 50 countries. He is on his fourth passport having filled previous three with stamps. Wade has an Honours degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Modelling/Simulation from Australia, a Master’s degree in Engineering & Management from the UK, and a Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics (1st Class Honours) from Ireland. In addition to this, he has Post-Graduate Diploma (with Distinction) in Java Programming and a Degree in Pharmaceutical Business Operations. Wade’s career to date has spanned various sectors (e.g. manufacturing, oil & gas, precision engineering, financial services, hospitality) … and almost anywhere that has data. He has worked in Ireland, UK, Belgium, Middle East, SE Asia & Australia. Wade is a lover of life and a number-cruncher extraordinaire. He is the sort of guy that if there were three pigeons sitting on a fence, he would predict (and bet you) which one would fly away first!

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