Case Studies

Here is how Capventis customers are adopting analytics, customer experience, and digital transformation to grow their businesses in the experience economy. Learn how our clients grasped the opportunities and challenges faced by their organisations in their journey to value engineering, and the key lessons to be learned from their experiences. From enterprise to small-sized businesses, explore our customer’s success stories.

By deploying Qlik across its national locations, Hertz Spain has been able to:

  • Anticipate new demand and market changes in real time.
  • Identify new offers and services that improve customer care and responsiveness.
  • Significantly streamline the organization’s approach to decision-making and planning.
  • Easily distribute daily activity reports that give insight into business performance.

of data analyzed

Qlik has streamlined the entire structure of decision making and planning at Hertz Spain. The ability to react to situations due to market seasonal scenarios allows us to visualize and understand the trends.

– Francisco Arroyo, IT Manager, Hertz Spain

Deploying Qlik has allowed digital marketing serve clients effectively
consultancy Hyphen to:

  • Quickly show clients the real business impact of optimizing their marketing and using data effectively.
  • Quickly identify potential key customer target areas for its clients.
  • Help clients increase traffic to their applications.
  • Empower clients with the ability to view historical data, spot more trends, and identify new marketing opportunities.

in capacity of team to serve clients effectively

We’re able to use it to show data to anyone from financial directors to those in brand marketing backgrounds and highlight the real impact that optimizing their marketing activity and using their data effectively can have on their business.

– Rory Miller-Cheevers, Managing Director, Hyphen

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