Our commercial customers receive interval billing at every half hour. This translates into a large and very powerful bank of data but one which the customers had no real way of analysing. Our strategy of extending the QlikView platform and giving them in-depth usage information (each MPRN #, year on year, month on month or even hour on hour), would enable our customers to apply more effective load shifting, thereby saving cost, and becoming more green. The customer feedback to this new added-value service enhancement has been very positive and our customer retention has improved. Energia is really impressed with the lead team at Capventis. We feel they really know their stuff both from a business perspective and a technical ability. Capventis, as a company, is as focused on customer service as our own company, which matches well in terms of deliverables. Our experience is that the Capventis team were very focused on our project and really spent time understanding what his business was doing and what his customers needed.

John Mawhinney, Head of Commercial Sales, Energia

Capventis helped us to get under the skin of our returns, mapping out key processes and creating the analytic framework and information systems to help our buyers really understand what was going on. QlikView allowed us to collect information from many sources, combine it readily and present in easy-to-digest formats to our buying team.

Mike McNamara, CIO, Tesco, UK

The focus and sponsorship of the solution is founded on the views and priorities of the business at all levels, and removed the technology label associated with the initiative before 2007. The solution enables a single model to address our critical client engagements, including marketing, new business development and on-going client management, through multiple channels for multiple markets in a single, coherent and easy to understand way. Capventis have engaged with us very effectively to bolster the skills, resources and methodology of our joint team. They differentiated themselves to us with their business focus as well as their technology skills.

Allan MacDonald, COO, Willis International

The introduction of QlikView has revolutionised the MIS services we can deliver within our Galway plant. The flexible architecture has enabled us to use data held in countless sources and to provide insight across our operational processes, including Engineering, Finance, HR, Logistics, Production, Quality etc. This insight supports better decision making, and productivity improvements, at all levels. From the outset, we have worked closely with the professional services team from capventis and we continue to draw benefit from their experience and expertise. This supplements and adds value to our own internal resources.

Ollie Hynes, Business Systems Manager, Boston Scientific Ireland

Capventis created a very comprehensive plan for our system, fully understanding our requirements prior to any building taking place. This ensured that the outcome of our system exceeded our expectations and was delivered in the agreed time frame and budget. They are extremely responsive to all our queries and questions and the training they provided was excellent – pitched correctly for the audience and very interactive so the users completely understood how to use the system when it was finished. Superb customer service throughout!

Melissa Borastero, Operations Manager, Peach Associates

The expertise and proven methodologies of Capventis resulted in a successful implementation that engaged our employees at every stage, followed by a step-by-step roll out of functionality across the organisation. The intuitive, best-practice processes of Oracle CRM On Demand and skills of Capventis have allowed us to refocus and modernize our business rapidly and efficiently while minimizing any resistance to cultural changes. Our employees have embraced the new way of working.

David Dixon, Director of Customer Experience, Gentoo Group, Sunderland

QlikView sits on top of our SQL helpdesk database. Previously a reporting service was used to provide data on running costs and other office management issues, and was costing a lot of money. We also use QlikView to put reports together for high level management, enabling them to clearly track company progress against deliverables. Before, a lot of work was put into reporting as it was a largely manual process. Now, reports are readily generated which saves staff a huge amount of time. IDA has saved thousands just by moving its Helpdesk reporting onto QlikView, this doesn’t take into account the other primary uses.

Philip Maher, IT Executive, IDA Ireland

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