Dgraph unifies siloed data to deliver real-time insights.

FLEXIBLE. RESPONSIVE. SCALABLE.The World’s Most Advanced Native GraphQL Database

Dgraph is an open-source, fast, and distributed graph database written entirely in Go.

Dgraph is a native GraphQL graph database that is built to be distributed. This makes it highly scalable, performant, and blazingly fast – even for complex queries over terabytes of data.

You could use Dgraph if you’re working on…

  • Master Data Management: consolidate your data into one
  • Customer 360 Programs: get your customer’s entire picture
  • Knowledge Graphs: drive insights by organising relationships between entities
  • Graph Analytics: Build your data for analytics

Any other use case?

We make Dgraph Cloud work for you

As Dgraph’s First Partner, Capventis helps you implement & integrate Dgraph in your business.

Dgraph is built for the heavy transactional workloads required to power modern apps and websites, but it isn’t limited to only these types of applications. Whether you are looking to power the backend of your app, create an elastic search for your website, or build a new database purely for data analysis, Dgraph is up to the task.

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Get in touch and we will make Dgraph work for you.

Case Studies

See how Capventis and Dgraph help companies Improve.

Capventis Glu Case Study

Turning 300 Tables Into a Single,
Easy-to-query Graph:
How Capventis is Using Dgraph
to Streamline Messy Legacy Data

We talk about Dgraph

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