Data Analytics

Data Analytics

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation
  • Guided Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Warehouse

By providing solutions that turn data into real value for the business

In today’s competitive and complex world, organisations must respond more rapidly to market dynamics, and ensure that an understanding of the data driving their business is delivered rapidly and efficiently to the people who can take actions and drive business improvement. This Operational Data is derived from across the value chain, from financials to supply chain management, from human resources data to marketing and customer interactions.   


Capventis has a long history of assisting companies to map the business and hence measure the key drivers of performance, enabling a better understanding of performance and how best to implement business improvement.


Within Data Analytics, organisations’ requirements are varied and include some or all of the following;


  • Guided Analytics
  • Self-service analytics
  • Visualisation
  • Reporting
  • Mobile access
  • Data management
  • System integration
  • Predictive analytics


At Capventis, we can help and advise our customers on the best of breed solutions for data analytics technology in the marketplace by providing solutions that turn data into real value for the business. We work with the leading (tier 1) vendor applications, platforms and tools.   We supplement these with the best open-source technology to address complex data management, data integration and IoT challenges.


We have worked with over 120 large organisations in the UK and Ireland, delivering large scale solutions.

Boston Scientific
Davy Stockbrokers

Offerings and Services 

Capventis offers a range of services and expertise to suit your business’ needs

Pilot Project / Proof of Concept 

Our expert team of consultants are on hand to get you started faster by helping to set up your infrastructure, and building and implementing your first Data Analytic applications.  Our approach aims to establish a solution which provides real benefit by enabling customers to see and interrogate their own data within an application, built within the limits of a well-defined and quantified scope


  • Pick a current business challenge – Agree on the goals and scope of the project
  • Iterate the application – See how the app works and understand the full potential
  • Determine Strategy – From selecting the project team to the overall strategic approach of the project
  • Executive Review –  Overall business strategy


  • Providing both standard and bespoke training for both technical and business level users
  • Guidance Training which can either be done via the phone and/or web-based training from advice to support as required for cloud, local and remote installations
  • Users get hands-on experience of solving practical business problems across a number of different vertical markets


At Capventis, our team of expert consultants can help your business to maximise value based on your unique needs, whether you are new to the software or just adding new functionality.



  • Business Scope  –  Understand Scope of the project and Data Analytics within Business
  • Current Environment and Apps – Review design, usability & user experience cases
  • Team Set-up and Governance – How the solutions are developed and maintained
  • Review and Improve  –  Continuous feedback & explore options with the key stakeholders
  • Recommendations  –  Create and present recommendations to the  executive and their team

Business Solutions 

  • Capventis provides a full life cycle of advisory services from design, configuration, integration, implementation and support services
  • Specialising in providing solutions that turn data into real business value from initial installations to upgrading of current solutions and application configuration
  • Capventis “Experience Journey Mapping ”  collates an understanding of experiences to drive insights into business performance, resulting in actions to deliver business improvement.

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