The best-ever end of talk surprise

The best-ever end of talk surprise

At a conference last week, “Data: Empowering the Public Sector”, I was running a Q and A with David Calvin and Paddy Connolly of the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.


The sequencing had been rehearsed, I have to confess. The guys had their answers prepared in relation to questions around their data challenges prior to using Qlik, the process of defining requirements, developing and testing, and of course the results that came about.

All very positive, with their passion and energy shining through. Real benefits emerged, together with stories of engaging others and driving real improvements. A culture of commitment across the organisation was evident.

I then went slightly off script.  “So David”, I said, “we didn’t really talk about this earlier, but it all sounds so positive now, what plans do you have for the future?  How are you going to take this on further? How can you improve?”

I forgot to say replied David, that I’ve been promoted as a result of all the achievements, and so I’m going to have to figure how to use data across a much larger area of the Trust”. A ripple of appreciation was felt through the room.

A great, unprepared answer, and well-deserved recognition of a job well done!

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