ZENDESK SUPPORTZendesk Support Healthcheck & Optimisation Package

You don’t need to break the bank to deliver great customer support.


A significant challenge for any business when implementing a customer support service is ensuring you are getting full value from your investment.

Your customer support technology should evolve with you as your business scales.
While every business is unique, growing companies often have common pain points and challenges.

We work as an extension of your team offering an effective combination of broad customer service expertise and in-depth product knowledge to help you deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Through iterative design sessions and user testing, we ensure your instance of Zendesk is optimised to deliver strategic impact to your business

STEP 1Zendesk Healthcheck

Experience more of the customer experience capabilities of Zendesk

Our packages are designed for businesses wanting to get more from their Zendesk investment.

We have developed a 3-step plan for your business based upon the most requested elements. We are here to help, therefore, if there is something specific you want to implement, just ask!

Step 1 is a health check of your Zendesk support followed by Steps 2 & 3 – optimising your support.

Understand your business objectives and goals, as well as how your organisation interacts with customers
Uncover how your organisation uses Zendesk – which business processes it covers, and what features and functionalities are in use.
Deep-dive on the Zendesk platform configuration, as well as any issues, shortfalls or pain points.
Discuss our enhancement recommendations and agree next steps for Zendesk optimisation.

STEP 2 & 3Zendesk Optimisation

Let us do the hard work so that you can focus on what really matters – delighting your customers

Let us help ensure you are using Zendesk to its full potential – the product features you should be using, the process improvements that can be achieved to optimise your customer service by highlighting areas of concern or further opportunity, while providing actionable advice on how to resolve any issues before they impact your business.

Following our Health check of your system we will start Step 2 – optimising your Zendesk Support. This includes reviewing your:

  • Macros
  • Ticket fields & forms
  • Business rules
  • SLA’s & schedules
  • Social media channels
  • Implement the changes identified as per best practices

Step 3 – Post-Optimisation Support

Post optimisation support includes a total of 4 hours of support time that can be taken as and when you need it, at any time within the 2 week period after the completion ofthe optimisation of your system.

Arrange a call with our optimisation team

We want to be as flexible as possible with our clients. If you only need particular elements of this service or need additional hours, please ask your consultant for a quotation.

Note that additional hours are available at discounted prices if purchased during optimisation.

For Zendesk Suite Optimisation please request a custom quote via the comments box below.

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