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Unlock the Future of Customer eXperience with Zendesk’s CX Trends 2024 Report.

The landscape of customer eXperience (CX) is rapidly evolving, and 2024 is a significant year of transformation. In collaboration with Zendesk, we bring you the annual CX Trends Report, unveiling 10 trends driving the customer eXperience towards a smarter future.

70% of CX leaders are rethinking their entire customer journey strategy, making 2024 a cornerstone in the evolution of customer eXperience. Explore the report which offers essential insights to navigate the rapidly changing CX landscape and stay ahead.

🤖  AI + Intelligent Experiences.

Dive into the impact of AI on chatbots, with 64% of CX leaders increasing investments in evolving chatbots. Discover the importance of AI transparency and how generative AI is offering personalised and interactive experiences.

🔐 Data + Trustworthy Experiences.

Understand the responsibility of CX leaders, as 77% see themselves accountable for ensuring customer data safety. Learn about the future of security, data privacy, and leveraging customer data for instant experiences.

🚀 Next Gen + Immersive Experiences.

56% of organisations plan to integrate conversational commerce within the next year. Explore how emerging tech is influencing conversational commerce, voice, and phone support, along with agent management tools.

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CX Trends 2024 Zendesk

CX Trends 2024 Report (Zendesk)