Deliver an amazing analytics experience that’s built to transform your entire business.

BRING TOGETHER ALL YOUR DATA Combine all your data and make it analysis-ready for everyone to freely explore.

Make it easy for business users to go from data analysis to predictive decisions with automated machine learning models

Enterprises want to democratise data and enable employees to make better data-driven decisions while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Qlik delivers Augmented Intelligence through its unique cognitive engine and associative engine with Insight Advisor, which autogenerates and suggests the best analytics and insights to explore base on the overall dataset and your search criteria.

Connect the dots between your business strategy, your operational teams, and your analytics and data teams in order to unleash the full potential that data can bring to your business.

Capventis are the only Qlik Elite Solutions Provider in Ireland.

Qlik and us

Watch the event replay of our Qlik Cloud Data and Analytics Tour and hear about our customer's experience using Qlik.

More insights for everyone

You can realise the transformative power of embedded analytics everywhere you do business, including in your:
Business processes
Embed analytics in your enterprise apps – e.g., ERP, CRM, HR, and Finance – to give workers insights wherever they make decisions
External portals
Offer your partners, suppliers, and distributors secure insights into your ecosystem – so you can optimise processes and align strategy
Public websites
Give your web and mobile visitors a more engaging and useful experience – with analytics that drive community around shared goals
Custom analytics
Build analytics for a variety of use cases, including a unique UI experience in interactive infographics

View a full demonstration of Qlik Sense

Our senior consultant, Wade Taylor, walks you through Qlik Sense. After 7:30 minutes, Wade builds a new application from scratch.
This demonstrates the self-service and visualisation aspects of the product.

QLIK TRAININGVisit our Qlik Training Page

Qlik Sense Data Visualisation

Qlik Sense Data Visualisation

Qlik Sense is focused on Self Service BI and is part of the Qlik Analytics Platform alongside QlikView (Guided Analytics) and Qlik NPrinting (Distributed Reporting).
Qlik Sense Data Visualisation
Qlik NPrinting 1280x1200
Qlik NPrinting 1280x1200

Qlik NPrinting BI Reporting/Alerting

NPrinting is a component of the Qlik Analytics Platform and when used alongside QlikView, can serve as a single system for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organisations to retire legacy BI and reporting systems and save significant costs.
qlik view analytics dashboard

QlikView – Guided Analytics

QlikView’s in-memory analysis and reporting capabilities deliver one-click access to dynamic, visually rich, interactive dashboards anyone can build and modify easily. QlikView also enables users to consolidate information rapidly from any data source, and search it with Google-like ease
qlik view analytics dashboard
data analytics consultant
data analytics consultant

Qlik Data Integration

Efficiently deliver high volumes of real-time data to streaming, data warehouse, data lake and cloud platforms.

OUR QLIK STORY “Between the idea/And the reality/Between the motion/And the act/Falls the shadow.”

– T. S. Eliot; poet, essayist, publisher, playwright, and literary and social critic.

A Qlik sales manager came to our offices in Dublin in 2008 to demonstrate the tool’s capabilities. An incredulous management team listened to his claims about the Associative Data Model. They were on the verge of showing him the door, when our CTO, who’d downloaded the software saw for himself that all the claims were true! Since that day, and as we built our practice and provided Qlik to over 120 companies in the UK and Ireland, we’ve been continually surprised and delighted by its capabilities and ongoing innovation. Eleven years on, and we’ve yet to see any Business Intelligence tool that matches it. We remain proud to support Qlik in its moves into data management and predictive analytics.

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