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Get your Customer eXperience program up and running faster

Qualtrics eXperience Management (XM) provides ready-to-use, expert-designed content, workflow and automation.

Compare performance against industry leaders in customer experience with integrated benchmark solutions.

– Built directly into the Qualtrics platform
– Includes all your surveys, dashboards and program roadmaps
– Tested in some of the world’s most successful organisations and customised for your industry
– Easily launch best-in-class relational, transactional and full journey customer experience programs.

The Qualtrics XM platform pairs radical flexibility with world-class stability so that you can listen to stakeholders, analyse their feedback, and close their experience gaps.

qualtrics product-nps
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Customer eXperience Management System

Building a stable, repeatable process for capturing customer feedback at every customer touchpoint and moment of truth is foundational to customer experience management.

Best-in-class organisations build in mechanisms to respond to feedback and close the loop at scale with customers. In addition, these organisations provide teams with the relevant, real-time metrics they need to coach their teams and improve how they operate.

Omnichannel Measurement

Customers expect to be able to give feedback wherever they interact with an organisation. Capturing feedback at the time of the experience and through the appropriate channel contributes to greater response rates and overall response quality.

Below are several channels where feedback is critical:


Contact Centre’s—Leaders use customer feedback and operational insights to provide data-based coaching and drive greater satisfaction and productivity. Agents have the case management tools they need to close the loop with customers.

Locations—Post-transaction feedback, site-specific measurement, and mystery shopping insights enable retail locations to understand and accelerate purchase behavior.

Website—Your customer experience often begins on your website. Digital measurement is critical to understanding the barriers to satisfaction and conversion on your digital sites.

Mobile & In-App—Customer engagement is increasingly becoming app-centric. Capturing feedback during the app experience and through SMS is particularly critical for younger customers.

Social—Customers often give valuable feedback over social channels that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Capturing feedback over social channels ensures what is expressed externally can be quickly understood and addressed.

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Give your HR team real-time insights

Make the most of the data you can collect as a human resources team. With people analytics – or HR analytics – you can give your business leaders real-time insights.

Using Qualtrics people analytics software, any business unit can use real-time and robust data to serve its employees and move towards a better understanding of what’s driving performance.

– Utilise HR data and capitalise on opportunities to create high-performing teams
– Help leaders make smarter business decisions with real-time insights
– Identify leaders, develop key competencies, and create a more effective workforce planning system
– Augment your performance management system with experience data
– Drive higher customer satisfaction with a more engaged, diverse, and skilled workforce

qualtrics employee engagement dashboard

Who we do it for

Capventis were fantastic in project managing our upgrade in Qualtrics, they demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the industry and knew exactly what we were looking for. They helped us shape and build out our dashboards to present a slick and easy to use system for our team who are spread across the Mediterranean.

Simpson Travel

The support we received from Capventis was ideal for our situation. The Qualtrics product we purchased was to be used to implement a new analytical discipline in our business. A good grasp of the system would be vital, and the team at Capventis provided the perfect amount of support to get us there.

Gareth Cartwright, Internal Comms & Engagement Co-ordinatorHodge Bank

Capventis provided excellent and professional communications throughout the project. [They are] extremely knowledgeable on Qualtrics and possess excellent problem-solving abilities. The Capventis project team made a great effort to understand our needs and apply the relevant solutions to problems.

Gary Melady, Data ScientistMorgan McKinley

Capventis possess very good expertise and knowledge on all functionalities of the Qualtrics platform – they gave very reactive support, listeners needs – My interlocutor understood rapidly our problematics in our sector and he has adapted successfully

Emeline Guillet, Customer Data ScientistJanssen

The Capventis team were very helpful in the deployment of our project. They are very competent on the Qualtrics toolset and always offer realizable and effective solutions to the problems that arise. Their attention to detail always identified the issues we had and provided the best solutions. Throughout the deployment, we worked in a very collaborative way which allowed us to deploy complex processes in record time. We can trust the Capventis team; they keep deadlines and always meet their commitments. They are also very responsive and always respond efficiently and quickly to requests made. During the training, they showed their flexibility in the face of various problems encountered but also its dynamism and energy. I am very happy to be able to continue working with them.

Christiane Calazans, Head of CXGemalto

QUALTRICS AND US “Customer experience is the new marketing”

– Steve Cannon, President & CEO, Mercedes Benz 

In early 2016 we were approached by Qualtrics, led by Dermot Costello, who was heading up this high-growth company’s entry into the European market. Establishing their EMEA HQ in Dublin, with a small staff of less than 20, Dermot was keen to find a partner who could help companies implement their eXperience Management (XM) strategies. We were convinced and invested heavily in training our team and hiring staff with language skills in London and Dublin. Sadly, Dermot passed away in 2018, but not before seeing phenomenal growth in the Qualtrics business, helped in no small way by our assistance in implementing over 250 XM projects across Europe. 


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