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Securely integrate apps and automate data flows at any scale, without code

GluPlatform provides a comprehensive suite of business applications built around a single core GluFoundation. This has come out of a three-year R&D project entirely funded by Capventis and leverages our experience in designing and implementing operational systems, analytical and data management solutions. The result is truly next-generation patent-pending technology and is introducing a new level of power and flexibility, from the database up. It is designed to facilitate the needs of today’s business world as well as to offer innovation and possibilities for how organisations and people manage and interact with their data. Glu is entering a Beta period with select customers and is expected to become available to the market in 2024.
GluSystems begins operations in 2024
Software provider of Glu – In partnership with Capventis

Glu projects delivered by Capventis since 2016

Most business models include a mix of legacy systems (the well-established and reliable backbone), new interfaces and applications, platforms and tools, cloud and in-house components, all deployed to a wide variety of personal devices.
With ever-increasing legal and compliance requirements, all systems need to protect data. Capventis has applied Glu to resolve highly-regulated public sector data management challenges as well as deployments within commercially sensitive and security-conscious corporate scenarios.
Capventis Glu provides both a capability and a set of software components to address specific data, integration and processing challenges across a wide range of scenarios. Glu eases the management, storage and movement of business-critical data in both cloud-based or internal systems.
Capable of managing extremely high data volumes within fully managed environments, Capventis Glu can support integration between databases, software services, networks, and all common hardware platforms, including mobile.
Connect data systems


Operates at any level in the network stack

Glu can operate at any level in the network stack; from raw binary through to commonly used higher-level protocols such as SOAP, REST and GraphQL. Glu also connects directly to all common databases. With an advanced and highly-concurrent processing engine, Glu provides a flexible, secure and scalable link between systems.

Provides system-level connectivity

At its simplest, Glu provides connectivity between systems: system “A” needs to receive data from system “B”. In order to do this, however, things often become more complicated as services need data in different formats, use different protocols or even different network technologies. Glu enables system-level connectivity by handling all of these lower-level issues while providing an extremely capable processing block to perform any data transformations required.

Validate, remap & post data

Additionally, Glu exposes service interfaces of its own, including inter-alia: GraphQL, HTTPS, SFTP, SMTP, NATS and REST. A typical client example might include dropping a file into Glu’s in-built SFTP server, and as soon as the upload completes, Glu validates the data, remaps it, and posts it over HTTPS to a REST end-point.

Pull data from multiple systems

Processing components can pull data from multiple systems, or receive information in real-time. The core engine supports both serial and concurrent processing and has a comprehensive service dashboard that can highlight performance issues or help define platform improvements.



No more duplication of data issues

Clients often want to keep data in-place but need access to it as part of normal operational activities. This results in a conflicting set of requirements: services that need data have to obtain and store it – resulting in duplication and potential synchronisation issues. Glu helps to reduce these issues, keeping data in place or transporting only the fields required.

Highly resilient environment supporting massive scalability

In some cases, Glu maintains a log of delta-changes and revalidates data sets on a scheduled basis, this removing any synchronisation errors that may have occurred. This process provides a highly resilient environment that supports massive scalability where required.

Reduces network load

Glu also provides a GraphQL wrapper around numerous SaaS platforms, allowing single queries to run concurrently across multiple systems. By implementing a GraphQL interface, services only receive the data requested, instantly reducing network load.

Maintain data referential integrity

For other protocols, Glu can merge, extract or process information both serially or in parallel. It can maintain data referential integrity and operate within mixed-security-model environments.

Reduce operational costs dramatically

To reduce network and system overheads, Glu has a powerful adaptive replacement cache, with both least frequently and least recently used options available. Where applicable, this cache provides significant performance improvements and further reduces network overheads. For cloud services with charges levied for data transfers, Glu’s caches and GraphQL mechanisms can reduce operational costs dramatically.

Automate Systems


Glu has an extremely powerful automation engine.

Glu has an extremely powerful automation engine. Written in Go, this engine can process data at high speed while supporting service rate-limits, handling network outages, and other service events that would otherwise cause issues for automation processes.

Extensible Java/Type-script engine

With its extensible Java/Type-Script engine, Glu can provide an extremely flexible way to wrap entire services and access them via simple high-level commands. The underlying Go code then handles all common issues including network outages, authentication and security and service rate-limiting. This is particularly important when integrating cloud services to internal networked systems. In most cases, cloud services have an account-level rate limit of ‘n’ records per second. Glu throttles traffic to remain within these limits on a per-record, per-connection or per-service basis.

Glu can link directly to data sources

Where necessary, Glu can employ ‘mid-process’ databases via an in-built SQL database, or graph database. Glu can also link directly to data sources (all major SQL, No-SQL, Big Data, Key/Value and Graph databases) to provide seamless automation between extant and new systems.

Full service profile dashboards

Glu’s automation services also provide full service profile dashboards and can run within enterprise service management/reporting tools.

Our Glu Journey

Like any service provider, Capventis had to connect systems together in order to provide clients with the tools necessary to run their business. To simplify this process, it made sense to create a common platform with a standard way of handling connections, interfaces, and business data processing.

Over several years, the team at Capventis built a comprehensive library of services, tools and functions, all written within an extremely flexible and modern environment, which includes: Docker, Google’s Go, GraphQL, AWS and Azure, along with server, desktop and mobile platform support (including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS). This toolkit evolved into a common platform and this in turn laid the foundations for Glu.

We continue to develop Glu and this allows us to expand its capabilities; addressing everything from micro services right through to big data, data warehouses, and data lakes. With our technology partners, Glu provides a new level of integration – making it easy to connect to these platforms and increasing the return on investment for cloud technologies such as Zendesk and Qualtrics.

The Capventis team believes that Glu provides a laser-like level of precision when dealing with data integration. With its parallel architecture and componentised design, it can connect virtually any number of systems or services in a streamlined and automated manner.

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