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Many businesses struggle to understand their data and extract value from it. Capventis helps large organisations gain insights from Operational and eXperience Data, and provides Digital Solutions to deliver Business Improvement.

Digital Solutions


Capventis specialises in Experience Management, Data Analytics and Business Improvement. Our Digital Solutions deliver “Data to Know” and “Data to Do”, enabling customers to extract value from their data and implement solutions to better serve the business, its employees and its customers.

Data Analytics

All businesses benefit from accurate, timely views of performance, be it in finance, HR, supply chain, operations or other data-rich areas. This data can be used to report and help improvements, or drive actions.

Experience management

How customers and employees perceive their interactions with your company, be it through your brands, products, people or services is core to your business success, and should be gathered and used to bring about improvements.

Business Improvement

Knowing how a business is performing and how it is perceived by its stakeholders has definite value. Using this knowledge to deliver improvements and drive change is key to business success.

Technology Partners


Capventis partners with leading technology providers in the marketplace to deliver Experience Management, Guided and Self Service Data Analytics Tools and BI Platforms.


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