Data Literacy Course

Data Literacy Course


Capventis Data Literacy Course is an example-packed course covering the fundamentals of data analytics. Participants will learn to use data and information to make informed decisions, and to understand how and why data can be used to effect change and more effective management in any organisation. Starting with the basics, the course builds the knowledge and confidence of its attendees and provides them with a firm foundation for the proper use of data in their roles.

Course Outline: 

Audience: Business Managers who wish to be more capable with data 

Duration: 2 Days 

Approach: Didactic, with class discussions and exercises 

Equipment:  None

Class Size: Max of 12 per class

  •   Analytics​
  •   Data Literacy​
  •   Data​
  •   Aggregations​
  •   Distributions​
  •   Data v. Noise​
  •   Correlation & Causation​
  •   Split Testing​
  •   Linear Regression​
  •   Data Visualisation

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