Business Improvement

Business Improvement



Experience Journey Mapping (EJM)

Data Integration

Insightful, Rewarding, Representative, Fun – Find the Value

In delivering Experience Management and Data Analytics solutions, Capventis helps companies to collect and combine their Operational and Experience Data ( O and X Data),   enabling them to better understand their operations, enhance experiences, and predict and protect their futures

We assist organisations to move from insight to Action, by providing “Data to Know” as well as “Data to Do”.  This delivers Business Improvement.

The methodology we deploy to deliver Business Improvement is IM²PROVE, based upon 20 years’ experience of implementing successful projects across a range of industries and the Public Sector

Measuring and Mapping

We use Experience Journey Mapping to establish the Operational and eXperience Data most pertinent to business performance and seek the means by which value can be delivered

Data Integration

Delivering seamless connectivity 


We provide tools to support numerous APIs, along with all common interface standards including  RESTful, SOAP and JSON

Services Include: 

SFTP  (Standardised Approach to File Transfer)

  • Secure File Transfers – Collecting data from a variety of sources/ receiving data from manual file-drops or uploads
  • Data Extract and Transformation – Extract from source format files to validate source format, structure and/or content
  • Load Data into Target Platform – Implementing existing APIs methods (zero-touch)

Batch Uploads and Updates

  • Batch Uploads and Updates –  Handle multiple data source, validate key fields and automate collection via schedules or API calls
  • Data Extract and Transformation – Extract from any standard source or API – convert, cleanse, and handle batch data segmentation
  • Load Data into Target Platform – Implement existing APIs (zero-touch)

API Connectors

  • Supporting real-time and scheduled services
  • Bi-directional integrations
  • May require Experience Journey Mapping (EJM) to identify inefficiency in the current business process

Automatic Response Import and Export

  • Automatic Responses – Complex model due to BI-directional transport, may need to support ” Keep  Alive” /Health Monitoring
  • Import and Export – Support native formats to providing templated mapping between systems

Scheduled Email Distributions

  • Can be used for both internal and/or external email servers
  • Allows for automatic ’unsubscribe’ for delivery failures
  • Tracking mail forwarding and auto-responders

Historical Data Import

  • Known structures that require remapping
  • Data quality of key importance
  • Import Services –  can either be direct from source or via file transfer by using existing API  where possible

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