QlikView’s in-memory analysis and reporting capabilities deliver one-click access to dynamic, visually rich, interactive dashboards anyone can build and modify easily.

Business intelligence should be about business users

Traditional BI solutions have become bloated, complex software stacks, leaving users confused and frustrated. Qlik focuses on simplifying decision making for business users across organisations.

Pioneering new approaches to accessing, managing, and interacting with data, the QlikView Business Discovery platform is recognised as a groundbreaking solution.

QlikView allows users to see and know their businesses in new ways and interactively explore data without limits. With QlikView, users can engage their data with blazing speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions.

And unlike traditional BI, QlikView delivers immediate value with payback measured in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all.


Discover insights — from the bottom up

Traditional BI software is difficult to use, expensive to maintain and forces users through pre-determined thought paths. QlikView turns this notion upside down, putting data where users can explore it, share it, and combine it at will to find new opportunities and make better decisions.

What if everyone in your organization could answer every question? How would that transform your business?

What if instead of being told what data they could have — packaged in a report that might not include what they need — users could simply access the data they wanted, examine it in a clean, intuitive interface, and make changes to their selections with a few clicks?

That’s QlikView. Instead of pushing insights from the top down, our software enables users to discover insights on their own, anywhere in the organisation — and anywhere outside it, including in the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device. QlikView simplifies collaborative decision-making.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform is powered by a patented, in-memory associative technology, which leverages the latest advances in computing power to consolidate large, disparate data sets in memory and present data to users in a fluid interface within seconds.

QlikView adds what’s missing to traditional BI solutions: a way for users to roll their sleeves up and start generating new business insights—now.