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“The ongoing development of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is forever changing the way we work. Individuals, teams, and entire companies are choosing to work remotely and organizations are scrambling to adjust.

There are times, like these, when we all need to step up and help. Beginning immediately, we are making the Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse publicly available and free for all organizations. We hope this helps each of you move forward during this difficult time.”


Capventis is providing support to help get your business started free of charge.

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What is Remote Work Pulse?

The Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse helps you understand if your organisation is prepared for a remote workforce and if your employees have what they need to succeed in this new environment. There are three things every organisation must do immediately, and the order you do them matters.

It is publicly available and free for all organisations.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, Capventis is providing
support to help get your business started free of charge.

During times of business disruption, it’s vital for organisations to actively listen to employee needs, diagnose areas of improvement, and take action on critical gaps to ensure the workforce has the clarity and support they need to adapt to the changing workplace experience.

Whether your organisation is temporarily moving to a remote work environment or adjusting to new health and safety practices, it’s imperative to understand the changing expectations of employees in order to promote and support their overall well-being.

The Remote Work Pulse XM Solution is a pre-made survey and report that can help you quickly gather this vital information from your employees.

ask your people how they are

Ensure your employees feel safe and supported

collate, analyse & deliver the insights

Direct the insights to the people who need to know

follow up, respond and address

Drive action and activity, as needed and at scale

Ensure your employees feel safe and supported

Direct the insights to the people who need to know

Drive action and activity, as needed and at scale

How it works

Developed by EmployeeXM people scientists, the Remote Work Pulse XM Solution provides two different survey versions.
1. The Quick Check-In
2. Remote Work Readiness Evaluation

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1. The Quick Check-In:

One minute simple mood barometer. Get a holistic view of morale and understand trends associated with open-text feedback.

Upload a list of employees

Upload a list of employees

Upload a list of employees
2 - one question pulse
2 - one question pulse

Employees respond to a simple, one-question pulse

3 - full assessment

Follow-up with a full assessment

To surface employee needs and identify productivity challenges
3 - full assessment
4 - Instantly summarise feedback
4 - Instantly summarise feedback

Instantly summarise feedback

And take action in real-time to improve well-being and drive employee engagement

2. Remote Work Readiness Evaluation:

A five-minute survey to pinpoint gaps and take action on up to five key areas surrounding the remote work experience:

COMMUNICATION – Have policy amendments, health and safety practices, or other changes directly impacting the workforce been clearly communicated?

MINDSET – How has the changing workplace environment impacted morale – and what can organizations do to support employee well-being?

COLLABORATION – How well are employees able to collaborate with their peers, managers, and other teams when face-to-face interaction is less available?

ENABLEMENT – Do employees have access to the proper technology and tools to perform in their roles – especially in remote work environments?

CUSTOMER NEEDS – What impacts do new workplace environments have on your employees’ ability to serve customers?

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