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Data Science Analysis

What is Data Science

Data Science has become an integral part of helping companies move through digital transformation.

Organisations are taking traditional business processes such as strategy, sales, marketing, pricing, and HR, and using digital technologies to make them better and give them competitive advantage.

With Data Science, businesses no longer have to make their important decisions based on best-guesses or hunches.

Instead, they’re analysing large amounts of real data to base their decisions on real, data-driven facts.

That’s really what Data Science is all about — creating value through data.

Data Science Analysis
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Data management is complex and needs excellent governance, the right technology and design.

Data science provides a service to the business that needs its processes, architecture, infrastructure, culture, energy, passion and people.

It can be a central capability of its own – such as people with specific skills for analysis and statistical modelling – that feeds and interacts with the business owners that use its analysis, interpretations and outputs to design better experiences.

Or, it can be more distributed with certain aspects being centralised, such as data lakes or single customer directory.

Today’s technology, database tools, collection, processing and analysis platforms are very powerful, and if approached the right way, can ready an organisation to be truly data-driven with relative ease.

Only then can the business take itself to the next level of eXperience Management (XM) and benefit from being truly data-driven.

How we have helped clients using data science

Accurately predicted the number of patients likely to be presenting at an Accident & Emergency department within a major hospital.
Life Sciences
Helped significantly reduce the number of product reworks in a manufacturing plant, thereby greatly reducing costs for the business.
Financial Services
Worked closely with a client in the financial services sector to analyse all their HR data and successfully reduce employee churn.
Retail Sector
Helped a client in the retail sector to accurately monitor stock control levels across all their stores, thus significantly reducing costs.

How we do it

Customer insights, operational optimisation, corporate and financial risk management are all examples of the introduction of
new information-based functions that are being established throughout the modern business.

These, alongside the fastmaturing eXperience Management (XM) category, are pushing boundaries of how companies deal with data and turn it into actionable insights.

We have worked on projects that go way beyond the concept of the report, and into the realms where data is not just the means of deriving insight but is becoming the main driver of business decisions and operational workflow in its own right.

We also see datadriven processes redefining how functions work and how people and procedure are scheduled and utilised.

The customers and people of any business are its most valuable asset.

Practically everything people do and experience is manifested in and by data.

Using data science businesses can describe, design and deliver better connections between the data, the company, its customers and people. It pulls together the other solutions of our portfolio, joining up the business model and how it works, the people involved, and the technology to optimise and streamline it.


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