Integrating disparate data sources

Seamless automation, streamlined processes, just in time, at any volume in any context on any device. Data is the ingredient, and it must flow easily from anywhere to any place, anyone to any channel, immediately or as required.

Most business models are enabled by a mix of legacy systems (the well-established and reliable backbone), new interfaces and applications, platforms and tools, cloud versus home-server based, and deployment to multiple personal devices.

Additionally, there are issues of data volumes and format, security, private and public access, data protection and regulation (e.g. GDPR), all of which must be reconciled and handled appropriately. This requires data management, quality, integration and processing solutions that can work with any type of API in any environment.


Glu is our integration capability

Capventis Glu is both a capability and a set of software components. We developed Glu to address specific data, integration and processing challenges across a multitude of scenarios for our clients.

This capability/platform allows us to deliver standalone data solutions or integrate within wider corporate business and technology strategies.

Capventis Glü has been applied within the rigours of high volume and highly regulated public sector data management challenges as well as within commercially sensitive and security-conscious corporate scenarios.

How we do it

An elegant data model and process design saves costs and effort later. Our IMPROVE and blueprinting processes help define what we need, where we need it, and how to connect the dots.

Capventis technical teams can help turn the ‘business need’ into integration plans, defining the steps needed to bring your systems together, and working out what needs to happen in order to create a seamless service within your company. Capventis technical architects can work with your technical teams to help plan and deliver seamless compliant integration projects. 

Where appropriate, Capventis can work with you to develop custom integration components, or deploy systems such as Glu. Glu works as a component in your organisation’s data centres, within cloud environments, or as a fully managed service. Whether its providing design and integration advice, or managing a fully secured and compliant service, Capventis can help. 


The Capventis team were very helpful in the deployment of our project. They are very competent on the Qualtrics toolset and always offer realizable and effective solutions to the problems that arise. Their attention to detail always identified the issues we had and provided the best solutions. Throughout the deployment, we worked in a very collaborative way which allowed us to deploy complex processes in record time. We can trust the Capventis team; they keep deadlines and always meet their commitments. They are also very responsive and always respond efficiently and quickly to requests made. During the training, they showed their flexibility in the face of various problems encountered but also its dynamism and energy. I am very happy to be able to continue working with them.

Head of CXGemalto

Capventis were willing to get involved and worked as a true partner. The entire Capventis team were very supportive, well organised, and very capable. I felt they always had our best interest at heart.

Head of CXKingspan

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