Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

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By providing solutions that turn data into real value for the business


Managing information challenges can be a juggling act for many businesses, from simple delivery of visual dashboards to more in-depth and complex analytics, decision support and insight.   Assuming we know what data is needed, for what end, and that it exists, the challenges are the capability to access it, organise it and deliver it to the right people at the right time. Whether it is a valuable asset or the only asset for the business, data can be the source of serious value, or just remain a headache to be managed.


For data to be truly liberated, it needs to be presented in a way that is of immediate value with advanced visualisation that drives user understanding of even the most complex data, or delivered with tools that allow business users to self-serve and create their value. But equally important, effective data governance is essential to providing trusted, timely, high-quality data to all users. At Capventis, we specialise in providing solutions that turn data into real value for the business.


Businesses are now able to capture, store, and process an incredible amount of data about almost everything. But this alone does not deliver value. Big data has no inherent value, and even companies that have invested heavily in big data technologies are still learning how to leverage it. The real value is created when businesses can bring together data – big or traditional – from multiple sources or locations, and present that information in a way that encourages exploration and insight. As businesses identify new data sources, and new information consumers, their Business Intelligence Platforms must have the ability to scale.


Information consumers need to be able to engage with their information in the way they prefer to make the best decisions – be it through production reports, guided analytics, visual dashboards/scorecards, ad-hoc queries/ drill down and/or predictive models to aid forecasting.


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