Communications Management


Communications Management

  • Transact via any Channels (Omni)
  • Messaging & Connecting
  • Mobile, Desktop, Notebook, Wearable
  • Social Platforms and Applications

Dealing with large-scale omni-channel bi-directional communications challenges


With companies being challenged more than ever before to move towards an omni channel strategy approach for their business, it has never been more important for businesses to be able to reach their customer at every turn with the right messaging. In parallel however, the return path must also be serviced. If your messaging appears in Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, be prepared to accept and engage in communications across those channels, and to find ways of building a Single View of the Customer.


To do this effectively, and to create records of interactions and engagements, be it for short, medium or long-term storage, it’s vital to deploy an agile solution which captures data and integrates between systems, providing easy access to customer care agents and indeed customers themselves. Capventis’ Communications and Data Integration Framework delivers a scalable, agile and practical solution for your needs.


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