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Customer Experience

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How customers perceive their interactions with your company, be it your brands, products, people and services is core to your overall business success. Businesses must then act to exceed customer expectations by recognising the customer’s view and supporting his/her needs. Digital technology is transforming the world economy and turning established business models inside out and upside down. Customer Experience is now becoming the most exciting opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves in the marketplace today.


Things are Changing, Rapidly

Over the last number of years, CRM has been promoted as the “cornerstone”, to becoming a customer-centric organisation. In reality, CRM systems have primarily been deployed as tools to automate internal functions and to make customer interactions more transparent; again for internal consumption within the business. These are valid and important perspectives. However, the internal view does not in itself lead to a more customer-centric organisation. CX solutions do extend to the whole landscape of stakeholders and to the business that they go through and do, in addition to supporting the essential internal processes.


Customer Experience Management Leaves Nothing Out

Customer Experience (CX) solutions need to align to the whole customer journey, through every process, interaction point and channel; cradle to grave, and back to cradle again. It’s not enough to think what the company or its representative needs to do to sell a product. We need to take into account how the customer arrives at the point of sale; their reasoning, thought processes, research, comparisons, actions and decisions to overall seamless experience. The CX solution extends the CRM solution from the inside out approach and takes into account a much more complete model of customer behaviour, needs, processes and perspectives.


CRM – Inside Out, CX – Outside In

Customer Management and Customer Experience are inseparable, overlapping and connected. We differentiate the two only insofar as to focus on the internal – company – perspective with CRM and the external – customer – perspective with CX.


Importance of the CX Technology Platform

While technology is ultimately subservient to the needs of the business, the emergence of the digital economy is very much a technology-led phenomenon. The key point today for most companies is the time and effort it takes to implement omnichannel CX solutions as well as the integration challenge after that.


Here in Capventis, we have experience in a vast majority of CRM/CX Technologies going back over the last eighteen years.   As a result, we advocate ready-to-go platforms that provide all of the channels natively – in the box – and that can be easily shaped and integrated to align to the wider business and systems environment. One standout core technology for us is the Oracle CX suite, and within that the Oracle Service Cloud platform.


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