Data Management & Integration

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Data Management & Integration

  • Capture, Retrieve, Process, Cleanse, Present
  • Integrate from Anywhere to Anywhere
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Micro Messaging, Security

Enabling people & businesses to engage, interact and transact


Capventis provide workflow integration systems to automate real-time data management solutions, allowing companies to capture, retrieve, process and present data. The Internet of Things has exponentially increased the volume of available information, requiring smarter management to extract its value.


A big challenge for businesses today is how to capture the mountains of data generated, with data sources becoming more diverse than ever before, from traditional sources right through to the internet of things, social media and mobile devices. The fundamental question is how companies can use the data to interpret and align with the goals and objectives of the company?


Data is now changing the mind-sets of the organisation. Now containing more variances than smaller traditional data sets, the new broad range of data is therefore providing business with new insights into their customers’ behaviour patterns. Hence, the importance of developing the capabilities to capture and mine the data has become critical to the success of the business.


Capventis is deploying our Communications and Data Integration Framework to help large organisations deal with the challenges of collating, storing and managing large data sets to maintain clean data sets and derive insights.


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