Experience Management

Experience Management

  • Employee Experience
  • Brand Experience
  • Product Experience
  • Customer Experience

Capturing data from the experiences of people interacting with a company is vital, both in analysing performance and deciding on actions required to deliver Business Improvement.


Companies have realised the competitive advantage of experiences, and are increasingly collecting eXperience Data – which emanates from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders – to complement the Operational Data they already have.


Experience Management (XM) encompasses Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), Brand Experience (BX), Product Experience (PX), with all of these interrelated. Some companies also look at Process, Supplier and Partner Experiences.


XM allows companies to understand experiences and implement change, as well as improvement, in order to exceed stakeholders’ expectations; increase satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy; and ultimately grow the business.

Our Customers 


At Capventis, we have successfully delivered an experience management solutions with the Qualtrics XM platform suite from implementation services to audit service to fully managed professional suite to over 40 customers.

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Capventis Services 

The services provided range from implementation services to audit services to fully managed professional suite.

XM Packages


  • XM Starter Package allows customers to gain internal capabilities to ensure they are able to achieve a positive outcome from using the XM Platform Suite
  • Capventis dedicated consultants will offer a user guidance to self-service training to help educate and familiarise new users on XM Platform Suite.
  • A customer can select from one of the products from the Qualtrics XM Platform Suite from Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Brand Experience and Product Experience.
  • There are additional optional add-ons and advanced features

XM Audit Services

  • Business Scope –  Understanding the scope of the business with Qualtrics XM Platform
  • Qualtrics XM Platform – Reviewing the current platform usage, usability and output
  • Programme and Value – Programme Management to feedback loop action to Value realisations
  • Assemble and Collate – Capventis will present the findings and recommendations back to the clients

XM Platform Configuration

  • Goals and scope
  • Design and specifications
  • Setup and configuration
  • System and user acceptance testing
  • Deployment and launch
  • On-going support to the client

Full Managed Services

Deliver end-to-end XM program with Capventis IM2PROVE framework


  • Map experience
  • Measure and analyse
  • Prioritise and review
  • Implement and launch
  • Validate and confirm value
  • Expand and evolve continuously

Technology Partner

We partner with the best technology vendors including Qualtrics the market lead XM platform, to enable automation of the process for capturing, measuring and improving experiences

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