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Processing Management

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We deliver solutions that create value for our clients and value for their customers


Capventis ensure that the internal organisation is aligned and equipped with the correct procedural automation to deliver maximum customer value. We take the “Inside Out” perspective, ensuring that the right information and processing capability is made available to customers to support self-service.


Customer Centric – Single, 360 Degree View

Customer insight is the key ingredient for any business. Starting with the desired end outcome, for the customer and the business, we work back to establish what insight is of value, how it is derived, and when, how, where and by whom it is used. Customer data is not just about facts and demographics, but also to do with needs, attitudes and sentiment. Velocity and the transient nature of data need to be recognised, to decide how data is structured and maintained.  We at Capventis specialise in providing solutions to deliver customer and other insight, to ensure data is used appropriately as well as delivering it in practical ways to people who need to know, and need to act in real-time. We achieve this by assessing customer data usage across the spectrum of business, from marketing to sales to service management and payments.



Business Function


Marketing is challenged by today’s customers who expect offers to align with their specific requirements. High performing businesses align to this new model, and the best B2B and B2C solutions facilitate and enable the inside to reach out and engage, monitor and track the resulting behaviour and follow up accordingly. Engagement is as much about pull as it is about push, where the customer is increasingly in control, independently researching, and ultimately deciding for themselves the ground rules and processes.


Sales Management

While the specifics of what is being sold, to whom, in what context and in what environment may vary, the fundamentals remain broadly the same. The organisation’s commercial goals are focused on selling as much as possible, appropriately and profitably. Imbued in all of this is the core value of information that can support the sale itself, and that can direct the process.   At Capventis, we focus on providing solutions that align the commercial priorities with the business process, and from there making best use of core CRM technology and its integration to other systems.


Efficient service delivery is critical, indeed it can make or break the company and its reputation. At Capventis, we focus on implementing service solutions that help service to be delivered quickly and efficiently, but that also provide users and stakeholders with guidance and education. Internally, the CRM focus is on the efficient management and tracking of service and effort. Externally, the CX focus is on self-service and joined-up service, with access to, visibility, and leverage of all channels.


Commercial Control

As the economy – digital or not – becomes increasingly sophisticated and globally integrated, commercial options and decisions are becoming correspondingly complex and critical. The sales function, as just one example, is one important cog in the wheel, for which commercial control can be a crucial element. Upstream it is about deciding the shape of the proposition and who to target with what. Downstream it is about having visibility on what is selling, and from there, being operationally ready to deliver that proposition effectively. The CRM solution needs to support the sales process as well as provide for effective commercial control before and after it. We work with our clients to implement business solutions that align and integrate to the wider commercial priorities and operational systems into which the solutions are being placed.


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders are not solely the customer base, but rather also suppliers, shareholders, financiers and even local communities. Our approach is to identify all of the stakeholders of the business area in scope and provide CRM solutions which are both internally focused as well as a partner, supplier and channel facing.


Not Just Customer Service, but any Process

As stated by the CEO of one of our clients, ‘we want to be able to show the customer the value we bring to them, as well as understand for ourselves the actual cost to us of delivering that value’.


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